Lesson Details

Private lessons for guitar, bass and saxophone are $25 per half hour.

I teach at:

127 McDonald Street
Midland MI, 48640


my home in Livonia
9912 Deering Avenue
Livonia, MI 48150

I have taught for over 12 years at Milford Music and out of my house. There are benefits to both. Currently, I only have a handful of students at home so it is more relaxed time-wise. I also have a lot more tools to choose from and my schedule is much more flexible.

I enjoy teaching a great deal and feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

I teach in a way that I feel is best tailored for each individual student. I don’t have any one method that I stick to as I know, the learning process changes over time.

I have learned a great deal about teaching not only from my past experience as a player, but by my past teachers and conversations with many respected players who are also my friends. Tim Twiss has taught me a great deal from a guitar standpoint and I have always enjoyed watching my friend Suzanna McGraw teach piano. I always learn something new from her even though it’s a different instrument.

I enjoy teaching fun music and I enjoy relaying to the student techniques and concept that though may not be fun at the time, are very essential in reaching that next level.

Finally, kids are a blast! Not everyone gets to help students learn on such a challenging and yet fun instrument. 🙂

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