Greg Morrison, Director-Superhouse Pictures –
“Thanks to Dan, an original SuperHouser who worked on the first NFC 10 years ago. The composer really is an unsung hero of a production. You toil away for hours, return to play us what you’ve got, only to be told we want something entirely different. It’s a testament to your determination that you not only willingly return every year to endure such abuse, but that you make our movies _so much_ better with your music. Your music is so good, that there have been too many NFCs when I come away with your song in my head for weeks. Mostly this is good, but that haunting one from last year still crops up gets me.”

Raymond J. Rodriguez, Chimera Studio LLC-Cinematographer/Co-Owner –
“I have worked with Dan on several large projects including some small ones as well. Dan has demonstrated an excellence in his proficiency regarding sound engineering, recording and re-mixing. Dan is also a music composer and has created some very creative pieces. Dan displays a very high level of professionalism in all aspects of his work ethics. Dan strives to achieve the highest level of recordings regardless of project size. Presently, Dan [in his spare time] is working on some music compositions for an animated  project that we [my wife and I] are working  on. It is because of Dan’s high achievements and work ethics that he has been requested to work on this project with us.”

Eric Jean Cordier, IGDA Detroit –
“Another great IGDA lecture, was expecting a bigger crowd but we still had about 40 participants. Thanks to our 2 guest lecturers, Dominic Chiudioni and Dan Belleville who made our session very interesting and informative.”

From Gwen Ferguson, former composition student –
“I’ve realized that I didn’t get a chance to thank you for all of your hard work in developing and promoting our music composition class. I learned so much, and I truly appreciated all of your effort. I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thank you for all of the work that you did.”

Andrea E. Moon, former composition student –
“Our class really was unique because each one of us has totally different areas of talent. It really was a great time and I never would have gotten into this whole world (film scoring) if I hadn’t met you.” (March 20, 2013)

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