A few old and new things…

Well, I did Grease at Gabriel Richard High School. That was fun.


A little overkill for 50’s music but I did use quite a bit of what’s here.



DIY Music Production is still in the works. I’m getting to meet more people and feel out the area of Midland. It’ll be fun to try it out there and then research some other smaller towns.


I have a gig with some pals up in Evart for the Memorial Day weekend. I look forward to that. I should start hitting the material hard now.

I’m looking forward to working more as the President of the IGDA in Detroit. I’m hoping some of the video game crowd will join me at the Comic Con this coming weekend. That will be fun.

Oh, I’m slowly editing my behind-the-scenes of Dracula, the show I played last year. It’s getting there. Just wish I had more time.

I took and amp building class with Bruce Egnater which was fantastic. I have so much to learn. Not sure there is enough time in life to pick up that skill to a proper degree so I’ll probably just stick with a good understanding and continue buying what sounds good. Hats off to those folks who can do all of that.



Well, that is the latest for now.

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