Getting up to speed…

So, I’m quite behind on posts but here is the latest.

I have been making an EP and documenting the process. The EP has slowed into what is now two tracks. I have others but most of the focus has been on these two tracks. I have about 12+ videos so far documenting the process. You can see them here:

I hope to pick up where I left off as I ran into some video editing snags combined with playing “Grease” at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School. The show was fun but it’s good to start getting back to audio production.

I have also taken a leadership role as the President of the International Game Development Association for Detroit (IGDA). I’m very excited to work closer with the community of developers and helping out the best I can.

I just found out I get to partake in an amp building class with Bruce Egnator at the Detroit School of Rock and Pop. This will be quite fun and a great learning experience.

Oh, with the help of Detroit composer extraordinaire, Matt Raetzel, we started the group, the Michigan Composers Network. We have had one meeting so far and I SO wish we had done this earlier. It has been great to communicate all the issues that happen on a day-to-day basis and try to help each other. These are some great folks for sure, just like the gaming community.

The tv show pilot of Rafael (A Bird’s Tale) is being pitched and I need to do some more work on regional music so I hope to hit that soon…and I still need a ukulele.

I’m sure I’m leaving something out but that’s the most recent news. Oh, I’m also recording new and dicing up some existing tracks to start placing them in music libraries. I hope to work with some pals, Steve Kendzorski and Brent Nagy from the DSRP. The discussions we haver had so far have been quite fun.

Ok, so that’s it. More to come shortly,


p.s. I’m also putting together a music production seminar with hope of giving my first presentation in May. Marketing is the issue with this but it is coming along.


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