Blue Tree and more composing…

So, this was a real treat to play for a band called, Blue Tree. They are out of Ireland. Fantastic guys and the church folk were great also. The services and sunday night concert was held at The Tabernacle in Buckley, MI.

Blue Tree at the Tabernacle in Buckley MI

Here is a pic of “Burt” (Peter Burton), Matt Weir, me and Aaron Boyd.

The laddies, Burt and Matt setting up. Peter talked me through most of the music through a talk mic while we played. It was really helpful. Pretty amazing for a guy to play so well and call out chord changes at the same time. Matt did some of the same for me giving rhythm cues to match his bass drum pattern. That sure was fun! These guys are solid players!

Just before we played sunday night.

I don’t get to play out on bass as much as I’d like. It was fun to dig into the instrument with a band as opposed to writing/recording. I always learn something when playing bass…well, guitar also but I just realize that it is such a fantastic instrument. Parts of this bass are from my original bass when I was 15. Jim Rawlings down in Detroit added a neck (that wasn’t bowed like the original) and some much higher quality circuitry. I used a Sans Amp and Keely Compressor into the Gallien Krueger that the church had. I thought it sounded pretty good.
tabernacle church with Bluetree

On top of playing with the lads, I’m back to work on the video game, Geo Mobsters. Here is a clip of a track called, Buckley Juke Joint. I really enjoy writing sometimes. This particular piece was fun. I hope it gets used. Oh, also, I am up north so it’s bee nice to get some feedback from mom and dad on my compositions. Dad gave me some pointers on this and quite often, I get some feedback form my friend Suzanna. She was happy with it also. Nice to get a piece right early on. I’ve have worked on many movie or tv cues for days, maybe weeks and that is just in the writing stage. Production is yet another story altogether.
Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.14.20 AM

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