Dracula and what not…

Well, the shows of Dracula:The Musical in Midland went well. It certainly was one of the more difficult musicals I have ever played. I used my Les Paul for all the electric parts and it served me pretty well most of the time. I wound up riding my volume pedal quite a bit in an attempt to blend in with the orchestra. Each track seemed to have a life of its own so I believe I gained a new skill…that of trying to control my volume like a horn player. This came out of necessity a bit since I had broken my pinky and it was really hard to adjust my volume on the guitar during the initial rehearsals.

In the middle of all of this, I spoke on composing for video games, tv, movies and animations at the 2013 Moving Media tech fair at Wayne State University. That went well and I had a great audience. The support staff was great. I hope to post some pics from that at some point.

Back to Dracula…

So, here are some pics and a few technical details on the gear I used in the show.

I used the Strymon Timeline sparingly in the show, set to 330ms (I think) and it was the digital delay setting. I would’ve used it more but the tempo changes were all over the map so I used the Mission Control expression pedal to blend delay in and out. I used the gold looking actone pedal for my gain…more of an AC 30 tone. It was probably set mostly for 3/4 gain and has a nice low end boost. It is a very dynamic pedal. I bet the Ernie Ball Pedal was used about as much as anything. I only used the POG when I could think enough to use two feet at one time, on the track, “Life after Life” which was the final song of the first act. I used the TC Electronics Chorus pedal a bit for mostly clean sounds. This is where I missed my strat. I think single coils would’ve sounded a little crisper on the chorus sounds. It was fun to try and make the LP do what it could clean-wise.

Only a Gibson (or two) is good enough. Fender Pro Junior, my little trusty amp served as a head this time for my boogie 2 X 12 cabinet.


My view from the show.

Jan Sutherland and Jim Hohmeyer, both fantastic musicians. This is from the first rehearsal of Dracula.

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