A collection of activity.

Once again, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ll back up a bit and try to go in order.

Teaching at the Detroit School of Rock and Pop has been FANTASTIC. I LOVE teaching. I have some great students and get to work with the most talented and cool musicians/educators in Detroit. I can’t say enough about my students and pals.

I had an audition for Pro Ship Entertainment. It’s just an idea I kick around to play guitar on a cruise line. January might be the best time although I know I’d miss the snow. I’m sure some people think that’s weird but home is such a beautiful place in the winter.

I’m playing guitar for the musical, Dracula up in Midland at Midland Center for the Arts. This has been hard work so far and pretty fun. Shows start September 27 and go into October.

Work still continues on a current video game and I am working on theme music for a website, voteoncars.com. The music will also be included on the pilot tv show to be completed in December. Here is the clip. https://soundcloud.com/dan_belleville/trip-on-a-whim. Hopefully this turns into a series. Great fun for all involved.

I played in church yesterday and it went well even though a week before, I broke my right pinky finger. It’s coming along ok. I pulled out my tenor sax just to goof around and my finger still seems to work but I’m going to take it easy. I know I still can’t play drums.

I am presenting at the Moving Media tech fair at Wayne State University on September 28. I will be talking about production for movies, tv, games and animations. I need to start preparing for that soon. I look forward to sharing what knowledge I have and hope to help others in some way.

Well, back to shedding for Dracula.

oh, some links…



https://www.facebook.com/events/556491221076965/ (Dracula at MCFTA)



no link for broken fingers…no one wants to see that.

Moving Media Tech Fair. WSU

Dracula, The Musical - MCFTA

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