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Bruce Springsteen(The Boss) is in town and I’m settling down for a night to work on tunes. It’s been a while since my last post but it’s time to start it up again.

I’m getting some wah wah pedals worked on by Larry Leitz(yeah, I have two of them).
I’m prepping for the musical, Suessical with Churchill High School. I play electric, acoustic and banjo. Should be lots of fun.
I’m writing more for Your Brush with Nature. I’ve written about 5 classical pieces so far this week. Most of them don’t work but it’s a start. They can certainly be used for something…AND, I’m getting my sibelius chops back. Sibelius has changed quite a bit since my last update so it’s still a bit of a learning curve.
I’ll be playing for Kensington Church this sunday so I’ll be shedding some of those tunes a bit. Fantastic folks and players. Always fun and they feed me. 🙂

I skated at lunch today. It was great. A fellow skater, Matt and I passed the puck around a bit. He went into the wall a little hard and I said, I guess we should act like adults so, we took it a little easy after that.

That’s my evening so far. Very exciting but as always, I love what I get to do.

p.s. oh, I need to start writing a little for a video game. I’ll be up awhile, I hope.

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